“Can I come too?” “No, Timmy! I’ve told you time, and time again. No!” “But…but….” “No buts about it! Stay inside until we get back!” Door slams against the silence of the night. Casen, and Simon Peter walk toward the forest with guns, flashlights, and rope.


“Can Jim come out to play?” I asked. “I haven’t seen him for two days.” “No, he’s sick, and needs to relax. Come again tomorrow.”

Kaiser Trumble

She was a true blonde, not one of those bottle head blondes. She was dressed all in black. Figure fitting black dress. With a touch of shine. ‘V’ neck, no sleeves, knee-length. Wide brimmed black hat with veil. This part was different. It wasn’t a “regular” black fish net veil. It was hot pink with…


A certain witch moved into a certain village. She didn’t like much attention, so she stayed in her cottage during the day. As you may suppose, this caused quite a stir as the weeks went by. As people talk, wild stories sprung up.


I have started a new blog about my (sleeping) dreams, if you’re interested. It is at What Did I Dream.

Together Again

And so they spent the quiet night before surgery, knowing, contemplating, listening to one of their favorite songs, “….breakfast with eggs knowing we’ll be together again”.