Kaiser Trumble

She was a true blonde, not one of those bottle head blondes. She was dressed all in black. Figure fitting black dress. With a touch of shine. ‘V’ neck, no sleeves, knee-length. Wide brimmed black hat with veil. This part was different. It wasn’t a “regular” black fish net veil. It was hot pink with touches of red, rose-red, here and there. She attempted to sit, but as I said, the dress was form-fitting. Oh, yes! Her legs! Nice and curvy with lavender hose. Shoes. High heel. Black with a red swirl on the outer edge of both. How she got to my office, I cannot figure out. She was unable to sit, so she couldn’t have been driven here, unless… I looked out the window, and I did see a limo. A blue limo with the sky roof open. Did she stand? I had to ask.

“Did you…?”

“Yes, I did. Let’s get to busy-ness shall we?”

She had a Brooklynite voice. Kinda mousy. Can you call it mousy? I think so. You have your opinion, and I have mine.

I sat down on my chair. Leaned close to her with my elbows on the desk. I haven’t discussed my office. That’s for later. Let’s get back to the story.

“So, what’s your tra-bell there missy?”

“I’m not your missy, Kaiser.”

My name. Kaiser Trumble.


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