My semi-autobio life

I wasn’t quite sure how to feel. My first of my dreams was in my face, staring at me. I wanted badly this day to come ever since I realized that the opposite sex doesn’t really have infectious germs when touched by one. And now, here it was. I mean, here it was! There was a little present to go with. A ring. It wasn’t too big, and it wasn’t too small, just big enough to notice. No, it wasn’t a diamond. It was the right color of…forest green. Yep! That was the color. You see, I had dreamt of having an emerald ring, and since my years previous didn’t pop up any, I wanted my engagement ring to be. This decision comes by way of my birthday, that glorious day, being in May.

But here and now was the beginning of my dreams coming true smack in front of my face. I loved the man. I truly did. Why don’t you believe me? Shall I tell you? I bet you figured I would. I’ll start from day one.

My mother gave birth to no small girl. I don’t know if it has to do with my ancestral stock, Norwegian, or if it’s genes passed from my mom’s dad, and my dad. They’re big, and tall, and strong. I don’t know if my grandpa’s were strong because he passed before my mom and dad got married. I was 22, or 23 inches long and I believe between 8 – 10 pounds along with non-small bones. To give an example of my size, a lady told the Sunday school children at church that my mom was going to have a baby elephant. When my mom first took me to church, one of the children asked where the elephant was.

Now on to elementary school. I was made fun of. More so by the boys. I never understtod why. My younger brother tells the story of a time when some of them either were beating me up, or just trying to. (I don’t know what I did as I don’t remember the incident.) So, my brother came to the rescue. I liked boys and wanted to be friends with them, more so to some, but they never let me. That’s a lie. I did have a couple friends. One I remember. We got in trouble once in class because we were trying to hide from the teacher embellishing on a story of a lady in an airplane trying to put her lipstick on and getting it all over. One boy that picked on me picked his nose and it started to bleed. Me and my brothers were going to call a carpet company and have some carpet delivered to his house. We thought of his parents and decided against it.

On to jr. high school. I had a couple admirers, but I didn’t think they were serious. One of them, I understand whether it’s correct or not, bought a jacket to impress me. Didn’t. One day at school, me and another girl made arrangements for me to go to his house after school. He knew about it. I was going to go, but the thought of how I was going to get home popped in my head, so I didn’t go.

Another boy. He would say and do things that I thought were just teasing. I only remember two things from his chapter in my life that may could be called significant. Maybe they’re not, and I’m only telling these two because I figure you wouldn’t be interested in the others. The first is that I sat two seats in front of him (oh, that happened this way–I was on one side of the class and he was on the other. He was at the very back seat, last row on my left, and I was in the second seat, back from the front in the row next to the wall. He had a note passed to me that I didn’t get because the boy in front of me got it, teased me with it, teacher saw, and told me to move to the other side of the room.) and he would call my name, I would look, he would stick his tongue out. The second is that I passed him a note asking when he was going to stop calling me by a variation of my name. He wrote back, “When you go out with me.” I could not, for the life of myself, see how someone could like me. I wrote back, and I wish I could remember what it said, but I can’t. I never wanted to be like the girl on t.v. that when a guy would ask her on a date, she would laugh. I think I became that girl to these two guys not knowingly.

On to high school. Nothing, and I mean nothing happened there. Well, nothing that needs to be reported.

I just remembered an incident in jr. high. There was a boy I liked and one day saw he was chewing gum. I wrote a note asking if he liked me. If yes, could I have a piece of gum, and if not, then not worry about it. I didn’t get any gum, but he did look for some. That was the extent of that relationship.

On to college. Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Until…I graduated. It was that summer after graduation. I was working at a restaurant clearing tables when I accidentally bumped into him.

“Oh, sorry, excuse me. Didn’t mean to be so clumsy.”

“Hey, not a problem. Could’ve happened to anyone. I’m actually the culprit to this. Here. let me help.”


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