Joe 2

(There is a difference from Joe 1, but not sure where it is.)


There once was a man named Joe. He was an ordinary man. He didn’t have much to his name, but he was proud of what he had and it didn’t bother him when other people laughed at him for his plainness.He loved his life and tried to get other people to love their life like he loved his. He was just joyous for being alive and well and let other people know by talking to people that would listen to him. He did have lots of friends, don’t get me wrong, they just saw him differently, like any regular person would.

One day, he happened to step off a curb wrong and twisted his foot. He didn’t make a scene like someone else would. He would only ask people that passed by for help. After a while, someone finally did. He told the person thanks, but the man only said he did what someone else would’ve done (he didn’t see the plainness that other people did for he was only passing through). Joe thanked him nonetheless. This “samaritan” took him to the hospital and told the people in charge what had happened. They were a little surprised but also grateful at the same time. After the man dropped Joe off, he left and went on his way. After several weeks had passed and Joe was up and well, he decided to take a trip to another city, for you see, Joe had never left the city he was born in. Joe got all the arrangements made that were necessary and then just waited for the day he was to leave. The day came, and in a way, the people were sad to see him go, even if it was only a trip. it was exciting to be up in the air and look down and see all the other different towns and places. Finally it was time to get off and find the hotel he was to stay at. As he got there, he found out that something had happened and his room was given to someone else. He was a little mad at this but didn’t show it. He wouldn’t let something like that spoil his trip. So, he started off on a scout for a place to stay. As you probably figured out, all the places were taken up. There must be a convention, that’s how it is in the movies when every place is filled up, Joe wondered. As he was doing so, he was looking around and saw a building that looked busy with people. He went over there. As he got to the doors, he noticed that someone was speaking up front. He couldn’t tell who it was or what he was talking about so he tried to get up closer. He was able to get up several rows. That was enough for him. As he was on his way up, he could pick up this man’s voice now and then and finally as he stopped and looked up, he recognized who it was. That’s the man who helped me a month or two ago he said in a little whisper. After about ten minutes had passed, the meeting was over. As people were filing out it was easier to move, so Joe was walking toward the front of the room to see if he could talk to this man. As he was almost up close enough to call to this man, some guards were telling him to leave. This time, Joe wasn’t cooperative as he usually is. The guards saw that this man wasn’t going to leave so they started pulling him out. As they were doing so, Joe would yell out, I’ve got to see that man, he helped me once, I’ve got to see that man. As people do, there were some that looked to see what was going on and one of them was this man. As he saw this, he knew he recognized that man, but wasn’t sure why. “John, put that man down. I want to see him,” he said walking toward them.

“I know you from somewhere, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do. I’m the man you helped up from the street several weeks ago in Levi.”

“Ah, now I remember. What brings you here?”

“I wanted to visit another city since I had never left Levi. When I got here, my hotel room had been given to someone else and all the other places are filled up.”

“John, could you get this man a room?”

“Yes, sir.” This was as you may already know, one of the guards that was taking him out earler.

Later, Joe is in his new room and the man comes in.

“How do you like it?”

“It’s nice. Real nice. Say, what’s your name?”

“Potter. Cordial Potter. There’s some left over dinner downstairs if you want some. Did you have any plans tomorrow? I could take you out sightseeing.”

“Sure! That sounds great! Say, who’s that girl that I saw sitting on your left up on the stage? She’s pretty cute.”

“She’s my assistant. Uh.. That’s one of the reasons why I came up here to tell you about the dinner. She’s anxious to meet you. Here name’s Bianca. Bianca Teller. We just call her Anka. She’s real bubbly. Keeps me on my toes. That’s why I like her.”

“Bianca. I like that name. Yeah, I’ll go have some dinner. I’m starved, in more ways than one, if you get my drift?”

Joe and Cordial stand outside of the kitchen door listening to a conversation that’s going on.

“Anka, don’t say such things. You’re supposed to be sophisticated anf he might just happen to hear you.”

“Oh, tank. So what if he hears me. The more the better. I can’t wait to see him in full view. Ooohhh!”

Joe and Cordial walk in.

“Anka, This is Joe. Joe, this is Anka.”

“Hello, Joe. Would you like me to show you the grounds?”

“I’d like that.”



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