The Baby

Pam, and Renya are sitting at the kitchen table. Pam is crying from being yelled at by Russia. (Pam and Renya have been friends since elementary, but Russia came on the scene during ninth grade.) You can hear Russia saying, or rather, speaking loudly, to Pam, “You dumb blonde! Now I know why blondes are cast as dunces!”

At this, Pam and Renya get up and walk out to the back porch. Renya tries to comfort Pam but doesn’t quite know how. She says, “Russia is Russia. That’s just the way she is. You know that. You’ve known that since the first day we met her.”

Pam replies,” I know. I know. But I want to ask this question of you. If that’s the way she is, what am I?” And at this, Renya starts to move like her clothes are a little bit too starchy.

Russia comes out and sits on the right side of Pam. They are sitting on the steps instead of the swing where they usually go. Pam was too upset from what had been going on the last ten or fifteen minutes, she can’t remember to sit on the swing. Russia says to Pam,” Pam, I’m sorry. It’s just that you can’t mope around thinking he’s going to come back to you.”

Pam lets a couple of seconds pass by before she speaks up. “I know but I can’t give up hope. It always works out in the movies.”

Russia, letting this remark get to her gets edgy again and says, “There she goes agai, letting her blondeness show. Pam, dear, (Pam hates it when people call her names like that and Russia knows it) that’s the movies. This is real life. Wake up lady! Get on with your life. I did.”

Pam says, “Well, that’s easy for you. You use men like they were money. Get ‘e, and spend ’em.”

Russia: OOOOOH! (calms down, and straightens her dress) No. I’m not going to let you get under my skin. I have better things to do than waste my energy on some dreamer. In fact, I think I just heard aa car door close. Frank is coming to pick me up for some party that’s going on down his way. See ya!” She checks herself in the mirror that hangs beside the door as she slams it close. Yells out to Frank, “I’ll be right there.”)

Pam, trying to stop crying and look decent, almost in a whispering voice, says to Renya,” I need him to come back, Renya. I…I…I’m pregnant with his child.”

Renya, who was looking at the hammock between the two big trees in the back yard and thinking she would like to be there looking up at the sky and having this night be only a dream, startled “awake” as she asked Pam to repeat what she had just said so she would know she heard right. After Pam repeated, Renya could only say, “But that’s impossible! You only saw him that night at the party.”

Pam, ” That’s all it took. When i left your side, he took me to the room that was on the side at the very back. I don’t think anyone saw us.”

Renya, “It doesn’t matter if anyone saw you, or not. What matters is what you did. How are you going to provide?”

Pam,” I’ll find a way. I’ll find a way.”


(Have you read Mica?)


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