Ogre Gone

On a merry land far away, there once lived a fairy princess. She was so beautiful, she lit the area up wherever she was, so there was no need for light, or electricity, when she was around. Well, one day, an ogre came to this land to kidnap her so the place would become dark. At night when everyone was asleep, she snuck in by portraying a guard. There was one guard that had been there for most of his lifetime and he was suspicious of this new addition so he followed her. Just as this ogre was about to take the princess, the guard took his sword and killed her. The princess woke up to see what had happened and saw to her surprise a body by her bed and the guard with his sword. He explained why he had to kill her and so the princess looked at the face of the ogre and to her horror, it turned out to be her mother.


(Have you read Russia?)


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