I walk down the street noticing all the flashy signs and lights. It’s Christmas. I usually go walking during times when things aren’t very good at home. You see, I’m 18 and the sixth out of 7 children. It’s just me, my younger brother, his name is Cole, and a brother right before me, Porter left at home. I live with both of my parents. We just had a fight. We always have fights. Dad’s the only one that gets the most violent. Pulling hair, hitting, stuff like that. I guess I would be the one to blame for it all. I don’t know why. I just said a simple sentence. Shut-up please. My dad started ragging on me. Why don’t you finish high school, get a job, get on your own two feet. I tried to ignore him. That just gets him madder. I wish my parents would get a divorce. I just can’t stand my father. If he were a step, I’d have a better excuse for hating him, but, alas, he’s my real father. I’ve tried to run away, but I only get a couple houses down. I get scared, and don’t know where to go. I have friends, but not close friends.

I see Paddy, my classmate, across the street. I run toward her, but I’m too late. She gets in a car and drives off. She’s one of those snobbys. I like her though, we get along fine. I understand her, she understands me.

I see a guy I’ve been eyeing come over toward me. (I don’t think he knows I like him. He’d probably start laughing if he found out. I get weak just from seeing him.) I look around for a chair. When he gets closer, he sees me looking around and asks what I’m looking for. I tell him. My car’s just over there. You can sit in there, he says. That’s when I see his car. A beautiful white Cabriolet. My dream car. We go over and talk and listen to music. He’s starting to become my best friend. We hang out a lot. My parents would hate it if they found out. I don’t know why. Parents are strange that way. This guy I like, I should probably tell you his name, Hunk. (People call him that cuz that’s what he is. His real name is Tucker. Tucker Jones.) He asks if he could take me home. Not ready, I say. We drive around then go to a park. It’s the most gorgeous park around. Trees covered with snow, all the season’s trimmings, couples sitting on benches cuddling together to keep warm. I admire them for having a partner to have for lonely times, sad times, even joyful times, whatever the occasion.

It’s near Spring now. Me and Hunk just got engaged. May wedding. Our birthdays are in May. I can’t wait. I’m so in love. I’m so in love with Hunk, and he’s so in love with me. I’m so in love.

It’s been a while since those last sentences cuz we’re married now. Expecting a little re-creation of ourselves. Already have 2. We have our usual good, and bad, times. We do get through them growing stronger as a family. Hunk just got a promotion. We’re going out looking for our own house. Been living in an apartment. Gotta go now, Hunk gets antsy after a while. See ya next winter.

Sincerely yours…..

(Have you read Joe 1?)


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