As soon as Susan walked through the door she heard a scream. She ran into all of the rooms of the house but couldn’t find anyone. She went outside to look in the garage and the guest house. Still, no one.

“Why do I hear screaming, but yet, see no one? I’ve got to get out of this house. There are too many reminders of him.”

“No! I will not sign that paper! You know how much I hate spreading rumors. Stan, Get me the McClellan file. The missus is coming and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“Mrs. Meyers, There’s a lady here to see you. She says her name is Mrs. Conroy.”

“Yes, yes. Send her in. I haven’t seen her for a while and it would be nice to catch up.”

“Cari, I’ve got to get out of here! That house is driving me crazy!”

“Where would you like to go? Here, sit down. You’re trembling. Tell me all about it.”

“Thanks for letting me come tonight. This is a nice place you have here. It must have taken quite a long time to get this place.”

“No, not really. My folks have quite a bit of money. Plus, I don’t get a mouse portion from work either. That’s a nice dress you have on. Where’d you get it?

“A place off the road back there a ways. I don’t think you would know about it. I smell something wonderful. What is it?”

“That’s a surprise. Sit down and have a drink.”

Susan finds a nice chair to sit on and looks around until she finds a picture of her and David, her husband. She starts to cry, but not loud enough for Cari to hear.

“Why didn’t you get rid of this picture? I thought you would after….”

“Hush now.”


(Have you read Levi and Lere?)



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