Eddie Frankl

There was an old man who lived next door. He had ten children who all moved away, and didn’t keep in touch.The neighborhood children though would come over and play, which he didn’t mind, so he had company to keep him going.

One of the children went over to play, but the old man didn’t answer. The boy tried again, and still no answer. He started to get worried so he went to get his mom. She tried opening the door after getting no answer, but couldn’t get it opened. She didn’t know if she should call the police or firemen so she called them both. when they got the door open they found him on the floor with something in his hand that looked like a picture. one of the firemen picked it up and found that it was a picture of his wife when she was in her 20’s. She was beautiful! On the dresser that was a couple of feet from where the old man lay was their wedding picture. They were what you would call a handsome couple. He was tall and built for he was a carpenter and became well known for his work. She was short and petite with a shapely figure. All the guys wanted to court her. The old man couldn’t figure what she saw in him, but was grateful it was he she picked.

As I was the one who knew him the most, i took the charge of calling his children to let them know what had happened. I called the ones that I knew and got the numbers of the others so I could call and tell them the news since the others weren’t interested in what had happened to their father. The youngest came in a couple of days since she had the most memorable time with her father. When she got here I wanted to know more about the old man so I asked her some questions.

The old man next door was Eddie Frankl who had a hard time growing up and didn’t want that for his children. They had a better life but it was too much better. He gave the older children too much of material things and not enough love. When he realized what he had done, he started to change his life to accommodate his love to give. From the way it seems, it took until the last child was born until he could give more love and less material things, during which time it was too late to make up for lost time for the older children since they had families of their own.

(Have you read Uncle Ben?)


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