A guru came down from the mountain to see what was going on in the towns below. He saw some miraculous things down there! People twisted their bodies, some would grow tall, then shrink, and would go back and forth from tall to small. Some of the people were even a mixture of colors! As the guru was walking through, he noticed a strange thing in the corner of his eye. There were some people fighting, and as they were doing so, their bodies would get all grotesque.(What a terrible sight to see for someone who doesn’t have an iron stomach!) Soon the guru was caught upin in a storm which took him to another place far away and it might have been a different time, but nobody knows for sure. What he saw when he finally landed was incredulous! Trees were like puzzles, and the walkway was even more difficult. It was a puzzle, but a different kind. It was one of those puzzles where you had to go all over the place to get where you wanted to go, and on some places, you had to go upside down. It was like a labyrinth in a way of its own. If that was possible. As he was getting closer to the strange looking building in front of him, he could feel someone, or something, watching him, but he wasn’t sure what it was.(There were some statues of animals that the owners used as cameras so they could see the people they didn’t know, walk up.) Soon the guru was at the great big door that had several door-knockers (for it was big enough for a few). Even he was afraid to look at the door for it was so out of the ordinary. As he was there attempting to figure what to do, the door opened to a great and spacious room that made you think you were hallucinating. It was so beautiful that you felt like you were at home. But this was a wise guru so is knew not to get too comfy. All of a sudden he heard a noise that startled him so much that he turned around. He see a beautiful little girl. He asked if she had any parents. In some sort of strange way she told him no. She didn’t need them. They give her too much trouble, and get in her way of what she does best. What was that? the guru asked. What she did best wasn’t that much of a big deal she told him. It’s really too much of a hassle to tell. It takes to long. Oh, all right, he told her. Well, if you aren’t going to tell me, may I take a tour of the house? asked the guru. Yes, you may, but be very careful. My pets down in the dungeon get upset when they know someone is in their territory, the little girl said as she started out of the room on her toes. She wanted to be a ballerina, but she got in an accident that left her legs and muscles scarred. Nobody wanted to be around her after they would see what they looked like. That’s why she wore a long and silky black dress. As the girl and guru were walking along, the guru asked the girl her name. She said her name was Zandi. That’s an unusual name. Where did your parents get it? asked the guru. I don’t have any parents, remember? said the girl. Well, then, how did you get your name? asked the guru very intently. I named myself with the help of my sister. We were left here at this house one day by some people that used to be our parents, said Zandi, with emphasis on used to be. Oh, well, where’s your sister? asked the guru. She’s in her playroom, as she calls it. She’s ten years older than me and still acts like she’s my age, which is 8. Now is that horrible, ormp what? asked Zandi. What I’m attempting to figure out is, what is her playroom? asked the guru. I’ll tell you if you tell me your name. I’m sure gurus have a name since they weren’t born that smart, said Zandi. My name is Quadrolupous. It’s very unusual. I’m the only one that has that name that I know of. In fact, I’m probably the only person in the world with that name. I’ve grown accustomed to it. How do you like it? asked the guru. Well, it sure is different and un said, but I think I could get used to it. I like extraordinary things as you may have already guessed. That may be why I don’t have parents. They don’t get into the kind of things I get into. They say it’s too bizarre for them and that’s the reason why I like these things. Well now, you wanted to know about my sister’s playroom, didn’t you? asked Zandi.
Yes, I did, said Quadrolupous, wide eyed. All right, let’s get going. She doesn’t stay down there long during the day, said Zandi. As they were walking, Quadrolupous saw many things to see. The house was more like a museum than a regular house for someone to live in. And as Zandi said she liked extraordinary things, she did indeed! Some of the things she had, you would never see again in your entire life. Soon they were at the doorway of the “playroom”. Are you sure you want to go in there, or at least look in? asked Zandi. Yes, I’m ready. I don’t think anything else could blow me away. I’ve seen things I didn’t think were possible to make, Quadrolupous said in a weary voice that Zandi could sense, so she asked him again if he really wanted to see what was in there. Of course he said yes, so she opened the door. She opened it slowly at first which didn’t reveal anything outstanding. Then all of a sudden he saw some things that were very outlandish. I wouldn’t think it would be a good idea to describe what was on there for it might make you lose your stomach. As soon as Zandi’s sister realized that someone was watching, she lost her composure and came running to the door. Zandi closed the door just in time.(Of course, that’s what always happens in stories.) I see she doesn’t like visitors, said Quadrolupous in a shaken state. Sorry about that. I forgot that she doesn’t see many people and when she does, she gets upset, as you can see, Zandi said as they started to leave. I’m sure I will quite remember that if I ever come back. Can I see the rest of the place, or is it like that? Quadrolupous asked in uncertainty of what the rest might look like if Zandi said yes. Oh, I don’t know if you would want to after that. You might get an even worse scare than that. If you thought that was bad,  you shouldn’t see the rest of the house, said Zandi realizing that he wouldn’t want to see it after that experience they just had. Oh, I’m truly grateful for you rating that! I thought you might say it was o.k., and that I might faint, or something, and trouble you of taking care if me. I wouldn’t want to do that to you. You might regret me coming. And I might regret me coming even though it wasn’t my fault, Quadrolupous said after catching his breath. All right, let’s see what I can do to entertain you while you are here. What kinds of things do you like to do? Zandi asked forgetting of what he was. I’m a guru, remember? This is the first time I’ve come down from that mountain, and look where I ended up. I really don’t do much, but give people advice, and answer there questions. Maybe you can show me something that you do when you’re bored, Quadrolupous said. Alright. But it takes a while to set up and the day is almost over, so I’ll show it to you tomorrow. Right now I need to get some dinner ready. Do you eat when you’re on top  of the mountain? Zandi asked. Not very much. Animals don’t like to come up to where I am and so I don’t get much food. Anyway, I’m not usually hungry, and I just got here. And it seemed to me that when I did get here it was the beginning of the day. How could it be near the end already? Quadrolupous asked. You need to remember that this is another place from home. Everything here is out of the ordinary. All over the wind direction. So, let me show you the kitchen we have here. It isn’t like the “playroom”. It’s a little strange though, but it shouldn’t bother you, Zandi said. Quad just gave a silent yes and followed her to the kitchen, as his heart beat faster and faster as they went. It was like what that ride was like that everybody kept describing to him. He knew then that if he ever came down from that mountain again after he got home, he
wouldn’t want to go on those rides! As they were walking, he did notice some things he liked, or thought he might like if he ever had a place is his own when he retired. You didn’t know gurus could retire, did you?


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