Empty House

The room was dark with noises of the outside trees blowing in the wind and brushing against the windows. It looked as if no one had been there for several years, maybe even a decade. Cloth, that was covering the furniture, was turning brown from dust and time. Time long gone. Time during which something could’ve made this room, house even, into something beautiful and magnificent. In a way, it looked as though it may have been just that. Weddings. Parties. Family fun. I was here to see how it could be made back up. Bring it back to life, for it needed life, desperately. It was saying to me “How I need life, fun, parties,… I want, NEED, to live again” so desperately, I knew I had to think of something. I, for one, needed to think of something fast for I wanted to see this place live to it’s full potential.


Your Thoughts

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