Alice walked up the lonely steps. They had a creak to them that was unlike any other. It had been a decade or so since she had set foot inside. How it seemed all so familiar once again, as if time hadn’t past, but yet there was also a strangeness to it. Had that elephant always been a top the mantel? It’s head was raised, tusks pointing to the ceiling, right front foot in the air. It had been a present given to her. She had been enchanted with the mammoth mammals until that day. That day. Kevin had given her a real elephant along with the one inside for their anniversary. They had been together for five years. They had waited a couple years before having any children, and when they wanted to start, they found there was a problem in the way. Tests were started to find out the obstacle. Hopefully the answers were to be known to them that day. That day. That day the same elephant Kevin had brought home for Alice had spooked for an unknown reason, and, and, and Kevin in the path got trampled.

“Chilly all of a sudden. Where is that air coming from?” Looking round, Alice saw the front door open. Open enough to let some cool air in. But that isn’t what made her shiver. No. It was the memories going through her head that did it. How she wanted to run, run away from it all. But that’s what she had been doing these many years and had forced herself to come back and get that part of her life taken care of. She had stayed on a year after the accident taking care of the business and everything else Kevin had left for her to do that he had taken care of before.

“Where should I start?” She had started toward the study. “Get to the harder places first. I can do it. Yes, I can.” Her slender fingers touched the doorknob and started to slowly turn. No, I can’t she told herself and ran to the kitchen. That was a good a place to start as any. Couple mugs and saucers in the sink from the night before. They both couldn’t sleep being anxious about the test results, so they had a slice of cake and some millk.


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