It’s been a long time, you know.  A long time since Marge left. I don’t want him getting hurt all over again.

I had heard this all over town. All the gossipers among the women. They didn’t all say these same words, but they all boiled down to that same meaning. I debated on whether I should up & leave again, but I needed to stay so I could get this heavy load off my chest. I needed to tell him. I needed to tell. I needed to…

Marge. Marge Connors. It’s been ages. How have you been?

Doing good. I’ve been good. How have you been?

Allison Pierce. She hasn’t changed too much. Still her preppy pretty little self. She inherited her father’s hardware store when he passed. Heart attack. So sudden. Only 42 at the time. Allison was still a newlywed with a baby on the way. Her mother passed after giving birth to her from complications. Allison had an  older brother but he was gone after graduating high school and hadn’t kept in touch with the family. It was rumored he had enlisted, but no one was for sure.

I’m doing real good. You’ve heard how Frank turned daddy’s business into profit?

No, I hadn’t….I hadn’t heard, no.

Well, no matter. We’ve got six stores now. One of the big guys wants to buy us out, but Frank’s not too sure about that. He wants to pass it on to the boys. The boys. Oh, I must tell you about the boys.

Allison, there you are. Allison, honey, it’s about time for us to be going. We don’t want to be late. You know how the Reynolds are.

Hello Frank.


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